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Shelved Reserve System (S.R.S.) for University Library and for Herron Art Library

Use IUCAT (not this site) to find reserve books available at these libraries. CLICK HERE to reach IUCAT. All electronic reserve readings (i.e., articles and book chapters) should have been transferred to Oncourse by your professors.

Welcome instructors!

To place hard-copy items on course reserves at either library, first login using your campus network ID and password, and select the "Manage My Shelved Course Reserves" option that appears in the left margin.

Then submit your requests online here. If the library owns the reserve item, your work is done! If you own the item, simply deliver it to the library's circulation desk after submitting your online request.

Only original media materials or licensed copies can be accepted for shelved reserves (no photocopies, please).

To designate a proxy (e.g., an administrative assistant or a graduate student) to serve as your agent, contact the Reserves Administrator.

IUPUI's Center for Teaching and Learning is available to assist with Oncourse and with the scanning of personal documents. To obtain digital copies of journal articles and book chapters owned by University Library, contact the library's Article Delivery Service.

Questions about copyright? The Columbia University Copyright Advisory Office is an excellent resource.