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Reserve Policies

The reserve services at our two libraries provide IUPUI instructors the means to make hard-copy media (e.g., books, DVDs, printed course packs) available to their students for short-term checkout from the library's circulation desk. Instructors select one of three short-term checkout periods for each item: 2 hour (library use only), 24 hour, or 7 day.

To place items on course reserves, instructors must first login (using their campus network ID and password) and submit their requests online at this site. If the library owns the requested item, library staff will then retrieve it for reserves. If the instructor owns the requested item, they then need to deliver it to the library's circulation desk.

Reserve requests are for a single semester. If an item needs to remain on reserve for the next semester, a new online request is necessary.

We can only place items on reserve that are owned by the library or supplied by the instructor. Other libraries' books cannot be placed on reserve. This includes books from other IU Libraries.

Instructors place personal copies of books or A/V materials on reserve at their own risk. Lost/damaged items cannot be replaced by the library.

Only original media materials, or licensed copies with proof of permission, will be accepted for reserves.

RELEASE FORM FOR STUDENT WORKS - University Library will only accept projects or other student works for reserves if the student author signs this release form. This form must be submitted to the reserves staff before student works can be put on reserve.

To designate a proxy (e.g., an administrative assistant or a graduate student) to serve as their agent, instructors can contact the Reserves Administrator.